pxdick's Journal

Paul E. Burns IV
9 December 1972
Several years ago I described myself as a 2 bit wire jockey with a taste for the artistic.

I can't say I have taken the time to describe myself since then.

Right now I am not really anything. An entity existing in space without a real role in the universe. I mean I have no job, but beyond that I don't really have a thing.

I did have a place though! I lived on Monkey Island.

Time passes

When I first wrote this bio a year ago, I had hoped that it would become more defined as time went on. I had hoped that I could log on one day and finish it, with a couple of short to the point sentances.

Unfortunately, I am less easy to describe now then I was then, and growing less so.

Perhaps it's not so unfortunate. Perhaps it is just a stage.

Time passes

I am realizing that it is a stage, and that I could be doing a little dance to entertain myself.

Now I live in Austin again